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The College of Letters and Sciences is the academic heart of Columbus State University, offering undergraduate programs in the sciences, mathematics, humanities, and social sciences. Students completing degrees in one of our many majors pursue careers in such diverse fields as law, education, medicine, engineering, scientific research, and criminal justice.

With the growing need for experts in these fields, the College of Letters and Sciences grows every year with new students, new faculty, and new programs. Our continued success depends on continued support. Columbus State University strives to be a first choice institution for discerning students who seek challenging programs, engaged faculty, and a vibrant, globally connected campus culture, all of which are available to each and every student in our college.

Faculty in the College of Letters and Sciences take pride in providing hands-on learning experiences for students that blend academic rigor with practical applications. Our students are active in undergraduate and graduate research and creative inquiry. With small class sizes that put students face-to-face with internationally renowned experts, our students explore the unique geological terrain of our region, examine the literary works of the masters, research mathematical cryptography, and travel abroad .

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In the Spotlight Researchers in canoe

COLS faculty and students work to document biodiversity in the Amazon

Dr. Kevin Burgess, CSU professor of ecological genetics, and graduate student Samantha Worthy are part of a team that has been working to document plant species in the Equadorian Amazon in an ongoing project  that involves DNA barcoding to identify plant diversity. For more information: Click Here 


Graduate Earns Top Teacher Honor in Muscogee County  Teacher of the Year

College of Letters and Sciences alum, Kenneth Stefan Lawrence (B.A. English Secondary Education '09, M.E.D English '12), was recently named 2016 Teacher of the Year in the Muscogee County District. Lawrence has taugh English and Advanced Placement English at Carver High School for 6 years.