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Updated October 2010

I. Developing Intellectual Capital

A. Teaching Excellence

1. Recognizing Outstanding Teaching (CSU Goal 1)

a. Develop COLS Teaching Achievement Awards Program

b. Incorporate learning assessments for individual courses into COLS and departmental tenure and promotion guidelines

2. Accreditation of Programs (CSU Goal 1)

a. Secure ACS accreditation in Chemistry

b. Secure NASPAA accreditation in Political Science

c. Investigate possible AAALAC animal use accreditation

3. Retention, Promotion, Graduation (CSU Goal 2)

a. Support CSU initiative to hire professional advisers and/or provide workload credit for dedicated departmental advisers

b. Use summer money to fund individual departmental RPG initiatives

c. Where possible, hire full-time instructors to replace part-time instructors.

d. Create reliable and valid measures of the success of the MSLC and use that information to improve the Center's contributions to RPG

4. Enhance Undergraduate Opportunities and Experiences (CSU Goal 1)

a. Complete approval process for B.A. in Modern Language and Culture

b. Create a CSU visiting authors series and professional writers speakers series

c. Provide support for the administration's goal to increase enrollments at West Point campus

d. Increase educational opportunities for Fort Benning personnel and their families

e. Expand TESOL programs

f. Develop GIS teaching lab at Riverfront Campus

g. Expand undergraduate research opportunities

5. Provide Diverse Cultural and International Experiences (CSU Goal 1)

a. Increase number of students involved in study abroad programs

b. Incorporate global and diverse perspectives in all appropriate courses

6. Build and Strengthen Graduate Programs (CSU Goal 1)

a. Accredit MPA Program (see above)

b. Propose Masters in Applied Mathematics degree program

c. Propose Doctor of Public Administration degree program

d. Obtain approval for Masters in History degree program

7. Hire new and replacement faculty (CSU Goal 1)

a. English

i. Creative Writing

ii. Freshman Composition

b. Biology (Vertebrate)

c. Psychology

d. Mathematics and Philosophy (Chair)

e. History

i. Col. Hallock Chair in Military History

ii. Early U.S.

8. Adopt Innovative, Cutting-Edge Technology (CSU Goals 1 & 5)

a. Increase proportion of faculty using Tegrity, Wimba, clickers, and other instructional technology

b. Expand use of DyKnow and tablet PCs to enhance math, science, history, and geography education

c. Explore the possibility of delivering basic mathematics courses through math lab

B. Engaged Research

1. Recognizing and Rewarding Scholarship (CSU Goal 4)

a. Include expectations for scholarly research and publication in College tenure and promotion guidelines and ensure that such expectations also appear in all departmental guidelines

b. Develop COLS Research Achievement Awards Program

c. Shift faculty resources and teaching loads to encourage and support productive scholars

2. Incorporate Research into Classroom Teaching Wherever Possible (CSU Goal 1)

3. Create More Space for Teaching and Research Laboratories (CSU Goal 4)

4. Develop an Up-to-date Faculty Experts List and Work with University Relations to Share Faculty Research with the Broader Community (CSU Goal 3)

II. Developing Economic Capital

A. Internally

1. Encourage and Reward Faculty Seeking and Receiving External Support (CSU Goal 4)

a. Include grantsmanship as a significant “plus-factor” in College and departmental tenure and promotion guidelines

b. Reward successful grant applicants by allowing them to keep part of overhead for research and research-related travel expenses

2. Maximize Efficient Use of Resources without Compromising Academic Excellence (CSU Goals 1 and 2)

a. Use flexible and creative scheduling to maximize student access to courses

b. Offer the courses necessary for students to complete the BA Liberal Arts on-line, not including courses outside the college.

c. Provide entirely on-line versions of selected majors, beginning with Sociology

3. Hire a Full-Time College Development Officer (CSU Goal 4)

4. Expect all Departments to Engage in Significant Outreach to Alumni by the End of 2010-2011 Academic Year (CSU Goal 4)

B. Externally

1. Seek Expanded Partnerships with the Local Business Community (CSU Goal 3)

2. Use the Social Science Research Center to Partner with the Local Business Community to Provide Useful Data and Studies (CSU Goal 3)

3. Work Toward Development of a GIS Center to Partner with Local and Statewide Community Groups and Businesses (CSU Goal 3)

4. Provide Additional Internship Opportunities for Students Within Columbus and Throughout Georgia (CSU Goals 1 & 3)

III. Developing Social Capital

A. Strengthen Community Outreach

1. Maintain Support for Science Olympiad and Science Fair (CSU Goals 1 & 3)

2. Create a Stable Funding Base for the McCullers Center (CSU Goals 3 & 4)

3. Seek Funding for Global Studies Center (CSU Goals 1 & 3)

B. Strengthen Partnerships with Local Government

1. Use the Social Science Research Center to Partner with Local and Regional Government to Provide Useful Data and Studies (CSU Goal 3)

2. Work Toward Development of a GIS Center to Partner with Local and Regional Government (CSU Goal 3)

3. Work with COEHP and Local School Districts to Enhance Our Teacher Education Programs (CSU Goal 3)