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Degrees & Programs

The links below provide academic information for current and prospective students in the College of Letters and Sciences. At Columbus State University, you may earn degrees or minors by pursuing programs offered within each discipline.

Program descriptions
Find narratives that explain programs offered in each discipline.

Program requirements
A listing of the courses required to earn a degree in the college.

Four-year course schedule (MS Word)
A listing of all courses expected to be offered over the next four years and the semesters in which they will be offered.

Course descriptions
Descriptions of courses offered within each department that may be applied toward programs or taken as electives.

For those who are interested in pursuing a secondary field.

Pre-professional programs
Pre-medicine, pre-pharmacy, pre-veterinary and pre-engineering.

What's the difference between a "degree" and a "program"?

At CSU, a program is a listing of courses that are required to earn a particular degree in a discipline. Undergraduate degrees include the B.S. (Bachelor of Science) and B.A.(Bachelor of Arts).

More questions?
In each college, faculty members within each discipline provide individual advising. Contact any department for an appointment.