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College of Letters
and Sciences

With the growing need for experts in these fields, the College of Letters and Sciences grows every year with new students, new faculty, and new programs.

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College of Letters and Sciences Awards

The College of Letters and Sciences began hosting an annual awards ceremony in 2011, to recognize the achievements of alumni, faculty and students. Outstanding graduates are honored as Alumni-of-the-Year in the areas of humanities, sciences/mathematics, and social sciences. Outstanding students, seniors who have attained high scholastic achievement, earning an over-all GPA of 3.80 or higher, are also recognized. Faculty Fellows are awarded for outstanding teaching and research, and recipients of CSU faculty awards are also highlighted during the ceremony.

2015 Award Recipients


  • Humanities - Ryan Willoughby (B.A. History, 2008)
    - Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity of Georgia, Inc.
    - Co-founded Truth Spring, Inc., a non-profit with the mission to develop and strengthen the North Highland community in Columbus with Christ-centered projects and strategies (2009)
  • Sciences and Mathematics - Jenn Collins (M.S. Environmental Science, 2011)
    - Former Director of Outreach and Education for the Chattahoochee RiverWarden, Inc., a non-profit committed to using science, education, and advocacy to protect the middle Chattahoochee River and its tributaries
    - 2007 and 2012 Keep Columbus Beautiful Community Improvement Awards
  • Social Sciences - Sidney Levine, Ph.D. (B.A. Psychology, 1969)
    - Former Clinical Director/Chief of Professional Services at The Family Center in Columbus

CSU Educator of the Year finalists:
John Barone – Biology
Melody Shumaker - Basic Studies
Florence Wakoko - Criminal Justice & Sociology

CSU Faculty Service Award finalist:
Carmen Skaggs – English

CSU Faculty Research & Scholarship Award finalist:
David Schwimmer – Earth & Space Sciences

CSU William Chappell Graduate Faculty Award:
Troy Keller – Earth & Space Sciences

USG Regents Teaching Excellence Awards nominees finalists:
Patrick Jackson – English
Troy Vidal – Political Science & Public Administration

USG Regents Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award:
Eliot Rendleman – English 


Biology - Ashraff Buari, Elizabeth Center, Charley Denmark, Lachesica Evans, Rebecca Moody, Jennifer Prophitt, Angelin Shajan, Micah Staples, Lauren Whitehurst, Katie Winkles
Chemistry - Nicole Sikes, Hannah Smith, Timothy Summers, Franklin Valdera
Criminal Justice & Sociology - Courtney Bryan, Angela Byrd, Shavonne Johnson, Bonnie Mansfield, Ana Mendham, Robin Morris, James Petallar, Radmila Williams
Earth & Space Sciences - Kenneth Roop-Eckart, Kayla Parsons
English - Katherine Bellware, Rebecca Fourhman, Heather Garza, Alyssa Hudson, Jacalyn Meyer, Jessica Meyer
History & Geography - Marlena Cameron, Katherine Hinzman, Christopher Lockhart, Nathaniel Reeves
Liberal Arts - Gabriel Choiniere
Mathematics - Heather Hauck
Psychology - Rachel Green, Julia Weatherford

2014 Award Recipients


  • Humanities - Christy Grigsby (B.S. English Secondary Education, 2007)
     - Early College Academy of Columbus
     - National Council of Teachers of English 2013 High School Teacher of Excellence Award (Columbus, GA)
  • Sciences and Mathematics - Dorothy Cheruiyot, Ph.D. (B.S. Biology, 2004)
     - Biology and Environmental Science high school teacher at Brookstone School (Columbus, GA)
  • Social Sciences - Daniel Trussell, Ph.D. (B.A. Psychology, 1974)
     - CEO of Webstar Behavioral Health in Atlanta
     - VP of Board of Directors for Global Presence Foundation (Atlanta, GA)


CSU Educator of the Year: Kyle Christensen – Political Science & Public Admin.
CSU Faculty Research & Scholarship Award: Kevin Burgess – Biology
USG Regents Teaching Excellence Awards for Online Teaching: Jim Owen – English

COLS Faculty Fellows:
Outstanding Teaching – Harvey Richman (Psychology)
Outstanding Research – Kevin Burgess (Biology)


Biology – Ashraff Buari, Jonathan Harrell, Leane Lamberth, Angelin Shajan, Valerie Staples
Chemistry – Franklin Valdera
Criminal Justice & Sociology – Shawn Baldwin, Angela Byrd, Bonnie Mansfield, Ronald Thurmond
English – Alyssa Hudson, Samantha Lamberson, Lacey Noel, Nicholas Overby, Margaret Reeder
History & Geography – Logan Copley, Katherine Hinzman, Jamie Kopinski, Wesley Mellina
Psychology – Caroline Campbell
Sociology – Tyia Perry, Bobbi Starr

2013 Award Recipients


  • Humanities - Kristin Taylor (B.A. English, 2009)
    - UNICEF, Multimedia features and technical writer (New York City)
  • Sciences and Mathematics - Dr. Christopher Wommack (B.S. Chemistry, 1993)
    - Horizons Diagnostics, Family Medical Doctor (Columbus, GA)
  • Social Sciences - Chief George Turner (M.P.A., 2009)
    - Atlanta Police Dept., Chief of Police (Atlanta, GA)


CSU Educator of the Year: Clint Barineau - Earth and Space Sciences
CSU Faculty Research and Scholarship Award: Nick Norwood - English
CSU William Chappell Graduate Faculty Award: Kimberly Gill - Political Science & Public Administration

COLS Faculty Fellows:
Outstanding Teaching – Clint Barineau (Earth and Space Sciences)
Outstanding Research – David Schwimmer (Earth and Space Sciences)


Biology – Jonathan Harrell, Benjamin Long (2013 Faculty Cup), Bolivia Hurtado De Mendoza, Martha Newell, Valerie Staples
Chemistry – Michael Anderson, Huirui Washington
Criminal Justice & Sociology – Rebekah Dowd, Kristin Graziano, Jaciel Reyes, Ronald Thurmond
Earth & Space Sciences - Matthew Perry (2013 Phi Kappa Phi Senior Award)
English – Elaine Hoffmeister, Margaret Reeder, Nathan White, Amanda Woodruff
History & Geography – Logan Copley, Catherine Lovin, Taylor Meek, Wesley Mellina, Caleb Zuiderveen (2013 Georgia Academic Recognition Award)
Mathematics – Brianne Moody
Modern & Classical Languages – Sierra Johnson, Raymond Jones
Political Science & Public Administration – Jessica Canedo, Gerald Chichester, Alex Cole
Psychology - Cheryl Kolb, Kayla Short

2012 Award Recipients


  • Humanities – Doraine Bennett (B.A. English, 2003)
    - Columbus writer, editor and teacher
    - Editor of the Infantry Bugler, the quarterly magazine of the National Infantry Association
  • Sciences and Mathematics – Dr. Jason Harrison (B.S. Biology, 2000)
    - Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, Neurosurgery resident (Richmond VA)
  • Social Sciences – Deborah Eakin, Ph.D. (B.S. Psychology, 1996)
    - Mississippi State University, Associate professor of psychology


USG Regents' Teaching Excellence Award: Susan Hrach – English

CSU Educator of the Year: Anil Banerjee – Chemistry
CSU Faculty Service Award: Pat McHenry – English
CSU Faculty Research & Scholarship Award: Joseph Francavilla – English

COLS Faculty Fellows (inaugural):
Outstanding Teaching – John Barone (Biology)
Outstanding Research – Kevin Burgess (Biology)


Biology – Neena Alex, Bolivia Hurtado De Mendoza
Chemistry – Claire EunHye Cho (2012 Faculty Cup recipient)
Criminal Justice – Patrick Dupree, William King
Earth and Space Sciences – Zachary Edwards
English – Morgan Hughes, Ausu Mayo, Amanda Woodruff
History & Geography – Tommy Hayes
Mathematics – Brianne Moody
Modern & Classical Languages – Sierra Johnson, Raymond Jones
Political Science – Timothy Bussey, Gerald Chichester, Alex Cole, Madeliene Moore
Sociology – Sheila Downs, Katherine Garzone

2011 Award Recipients


  • Humanities – Dirk Ringgenberg (B.A. History, 2001)
    - U.S. Army Captain (retired)
    - Silver Star 2005 (Operation Enduring Freedom)
    - Legion of Merit 2010
    - Army Writing Contest winner 2009
  • Sciences and Mathematics – Michael Burgess (B.S. Geology, 1993; M.S. Env. Sci., 2009)
    - Columbus Consolidated Government, Stormwater and Floodplain Programs Manager
    - Help-the-Hooch (river cleanup) chairperson
    - Rotary International “Service Above Self” Award 2005
  • Social Sciences – Anne King (M.P.A. 1995)
    - Executive Director, MidTown, Inc. (non-profit organization with the mission to sustain and enhance the neighborhoods and businesses within midtown Columbus)
    - Columbus Museum's director of education for 14 years


CSU Educator of the Year finalists:
Anil Banerjee – Chemistry
Bridget Downs – Criminal Justice
Nancy Moore – English

CSU Faculty Service Award finalists:
Cathy Fussell – English
Daniel Van Kley – Philosophy

CSU Faculty Research & Scholarship Award finalists:
Kevin Burgess – Biology
Joseph McCallus – English

USG Regents' Teaching Excellence Award finalist:
Susan Hrach – English


Biology – Neena Alex, Stewart Helton
Chemistry – Heather Boyette, EunHye Cho
Criminal Justice and Sociology – Amanda Alexander, Donald Bolz, Mary Correll, Nicholas Gagnon, Katherine Garzone, William King, Sarah Robertson
English – Jennifer Ross, Danielle Thompson, Jarred Wiehe
History and Geography – Tommy Hayes, Erin Tyson
Mathematics and Philosophy – Keith Roop-Eckart
Modern & Classical Languages – Gwendolen Brown, Sylvia Kather-Hucke, Carmen Stancu
Political Science – Morgan Hayden
Psychology – La'Sandra King